Sandman’s Writing Challenge #5

To help ease the current situation (and generate a bit more activity on the blog) I have decided to resurrect my Writing Challenge. This will be a twice weekly event normally on a Monday and Thursday (Bank Holiday weekends may have different operating hours).

The set-up is very simple I will set a starting point which could be in various forms, sometimes a picture, sometimes a question, sometimes a pitch… You get the general jist.

Create your post and link back to this one post with a pingback and use the task SWC. I hope you all have fun.

Your post can be anything, a poem, a story, a muse. My only real request is not to make your post political, this is an escapist series.

Today’s starting point:

You have been invited to a school reunion by an old school friend. Are you going? If you are, tell us what happens. If not, why?

4 thoughts on “Sandman’s Writing Challenge #5

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