FOWC: Pondering on People’s Compensation

As a good chunk of the world remains inside and the potential of cabin fever increases my mind wanders to that future day when the human race can emerge and fully embrace the sunshine once again. Are we going to get a made splurge of people heading to the coasts and valleys to compensate for the period of time spent cooped up? Or are people going to head out with an air of caution?

While the barman an hotelier in me partially is wanting the big explosion in ordered to keep the bar and restaurant running and claw back some of the lost revenue that came as a consequence of the lockdown, it is however worth pointing out that trade had dipped before lockdown as the majority of trade at the Down is of an older orientation, so the post lockdown trade may be a bit slower to begin. The good side to that is that we are able to impose social distancing easier, plus the presence of the function room means we hypothetically spread the tables even further as we could move in tables from the main restaurant into the funky.

Don’t take this for complacency or as sign that plans are underfoot at the moment, this is pure speculation on my part and I have no authority in the Down to be implementing anything at all.

As always, everyone please stay safe.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Compensate

3 thoughts on “FOWC: Pondering on People’s Compensation

  1. I have been following the British news on the virus development daily and always make a point of watching the news from Downing Street. GB has been quite hard hit by the whole thing, especially the care homes.


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