The Adventures of Sandman Sawyer

Well my Whit-week Bank Holiday weekend was not how I had originally envisaged it way back in January, had the dreaded C-Word not struck the UK I would now be chilling out after the end of the Bridgnorth Jazz festival and making my preparations for Upton- but alas it is not to be. So today I stuck bit of straw in my mouth, dug some paint tins out of the garage and went all Tom Sawyer and painted the fence. It will need a second coat tomorrow and a few fill-ins for the areas I missed, which mostly are in the areas where the fence is close to a solid item like a slab of crazy paving.


Mostly the weekend has been bits and pieces of garden maintenance, my life has become ever so exciting hasn’t it. It’s been over ten weeks since I last had an alcoholic beverage which apparently is the equivalent of a relaxing stay at Camarillo hotel and spa (as Bird would call his time at rehab). I have started reading “The Railway Detective” by Edward Marston which is a period novel about, yup you guessed it, railway related crimes investigated by Detective Inspector Colbeck. This is the first novel in a series featuring the character, of which I have one other novel: “The Circus Train Conspiracy”, after a few inquiries on various bookgroups on Faceache I have been informed that although there is a running background story, the books can be read as stand alone stories.


Ben’s been a bit of a stubborn bugger at the moment, not wanting to go on walks and playing up when he does go out. When he doesn’t want to go somewhere he really digs his paws into the ground or just plain lies down- he might only be a small dog, but he is a fair old unit. It might have been that during the day it was too warm for him but I feel it is just a sign that he is no longer a young dog and is getting on a bit, I think he’ll be 11 in October. Mind you, he was sprightly enough around Heather and her dogs, so you never know- perhaps he is fed up with us being around all the time.


Hope you are all okay,

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