RDP: For Our Good

I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!!

This was the catchphrase of the main antagonist (or is the character merely a macguffin?) in the media-satire film Network. Basically he is a newsreader who upon losing his job announces he is going to shoot himself live on air. As a consequence he attracts a huge percentage of the TV audience and rapidly becomes a sort of Evangelist against the system… Though in reality he is clearly having an nervous breakdown, but the Network does nothing because the audience share is great.

It is more the catchphrase rather the story which pops into my head whenever I hear variations “for our good”, as the ‘our’ being referred to is often who said it and they are trying to keep selfish interests protected. ‘For your good’ is the other, which is essentially a condescending way of saying “you aren’t fitting what we want”.

Case in point, when I was leaving secondary school for college I had essentially the “careers” talk with one of the tutors. My main areas of interest I put forward were Catering and Media and I had a talk about these apparently incompatible areas (evidently he had never heard of Fanny Craddock) and my resolve was I would stick with my choices. So I go out to various colleges and I present this folder the career officer has set up and the main feature is “Health and Social Care”, and it was a very much a WTF? moment (though not outloud because my mum was there). Now I am not having a dig at that profession as it is a vital and under appreciated career, but it isn’t the career that I am interested in persuing, so I bluff it off as ‘I think they must have mislabelled this’ moment. So I talk to my various people about a potential GNVQ in Chefing and in the media department but make a note of talking to the career officer at school. So I sort the appointment and basically tell then I was interested in the Chefing aspect and almost as an aside I place the file about social care on his desk, and say “I think you misassigned this”. He looks at it and tells me, “No we decided that because your sister had gone into medicine it was for your good that we point you in a similar direction”. As you can probably imagine I did not exactly react well to this and pretty much said I was done with his services. I did register a formal complaint with the Head of Year but as you might expect they did naff all about it, and had the audacity to say it would look really good for the school if you followed a similar path as your sister. Which pretty much confirmed what I suspected, as far as the school was concerned I was an also-ran. It was there and then I knew wouldn’t do sixth form at the school, and I vowed should I ever father two or more children I would encourage them to go to different schools to one another.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: For Our Good

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