Waiting with Godot

Another week has been and gone and I have to admit that at the moment I actually wish the hot weather would do one for a bit, trying to tend the garden is becoming a lot more troublesome. I have been weeding over the past few days and pulling up the weeds is rapidly becoming akin to getting the sword out of the stone, the soil is that hard and dry. A few hours rain over night would be nice to loosen the soil a bit and hopefully take the edge off the heat as well. Other garden duites have included more painting the new veg boxes and touching up the fence panels as I have to take some down as they weren’t quite straight.

I saw Heather last Monday evening and we went for a (sociallly distanced) walk around Haughmond Hill, she arrived via bike as her flat is only 45 mins ride away, I of course arrived by horse of nuts and bolts. It was nice to be able to catch up and talk. She’s recently purchased an original Teddy Ruxpin but resolutely refused to allow me to dig up a Guns N Roses or Black Sabbath tape to play, just imagine ‘Enter Sandman’ coming through Teddy. Apparently that wouldn’t work as the Ruxpin cassettes had specially designed tape which made the mouth move.

I have been a little slow in the film front this past week having only watched “Solo: A Star Wars Story” which is a fun romp which is essentially a “heist goes wrong movie”, only it is set in Space. Seriously, you could easily change the sci-fi dressing for the aesthetics of film noir and change the technobabble and your laughing, (The Wookie Only Roars Twice?), there is probably more to look into there and could be an interesting article.

I have caught up with Jazz Record Requests and Jamie Cullum’s Jazz Show thanks to the BBC sounds app, this means I can download missed shows and listen to them while walking the dogs of an evening. I will probably do the same for Clare Teal’s Big Band show which goes out on a Sunday night.

As we proceed into June I am being to think about ordering in some beer. I haven’t had a single drop of booze since the Pubs closed their doors, and doing the fence on Saturday did tempt me to go and represent the entire Red Army at the Off-Licence, so it has been 11 weeks this week. I have looked at a couple of my favourite local Breweries: Rowton Brewery and Hobsons. Both are doing contactless delivery, though the former has more delivery days in my area so it is likely I will go for them if I do order anything. The thing is I quite like Mild and Rowton’s Moonstruck Mild is one of my favourite Milds, but they aren’t brewing it at the moment but Hobsons are still brewing their Mild. On the other hand the Rowton brews available are very nicey and I can get some of the Hobsons beer in bottles at some places so… We will see.

Hope you are well.
Stay safe

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