3TC: Battleplan

“My dear miss Sevenpenny, we are trying to outwit the mind of a criminal not prevent a boy scout bob-a-job week,” snapped Arthur.

Miss Sevenpenny sighed, “you’re going to need to attract his attention somehow, I can distract him.”

“How?” asked Arthur dismissively.

“I’m not a little girl you know-” she began but Arthur interrupted her.

“-if you are suggesting what I think you are, no way!”

Miss Sevenpenny laughed, “I mean I can handle myself and lets be honest, I am no doubt more physically able then you.”

Arthur raised an eyebrow, “How old do you think I am? Other then old enough to be your Dad.”

“I could scale the outside wall much more efficiently, I did do gymnastics at school so know how to balance without a fall.”

Arthur mulled it over, she did have a fair point on that front ad he’d rather it be himself who acted as a Judas goat out the office. She’d be nimbler too.. “okay, I’ll have Martin get the blueprints ready.”

Three Things Challenge: Criminal, Mind, Fall

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