Sandman’s Writing Challenge #14

As we are in uncertain times the world over, I am reviving my Writing Challenge as a little bit of a fun distraction. This will be a twice weekly event normally on a Monday and Thursday (Bank Holiday weekends may have different operating hours).

The set-up is very simple I will set a starting point which could be in various forms, sometimes a picture, sometimes a question, sometimes a pitch… You get the general jist.

Create your post and link back to this one post with a pingback and use the tag SWC. I hope you all have fun.

Your post can be anything, a poem, a story, a muse. My only real request is not to make your post political, this is an escapist series.

Today’s starting point:

You are due to appear in court, what is the case and in what capacity are you in the court?

Have been arrested and awaiting prosecution?

Are you making the accusation?

Perhaps you have been called as witness, or are you on the jury?

2 thoughts on “Sandman’s Writing Challenge #14

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