30 Day Book Challenge #Day 5

Welcome to my 30 Day Book Challenge. Today is Day 5 and the prompt is your favourite classic novel.

Now once again we have a topic which isn’t as obvious as it might first seem. What exactly defines a “classic novel”? I also note with interest that the prompt says novel as opposed to literature, now I may well be reading too much here but is there a suggestion of a difference?

Rightly or wrongly, I am going to use the Penguin Classics range as my reference point, and go for a short novel by HG Wells, one which is probably his most famous: The Time Machine.

Told pretty much from the first person point of view of the unnamed time traveller, we travel to a seeming utopia in the far future but one with a dark secret. The story is fairly simple and you might think you know it thanks to numerous film adaptions, but the book differs a fair amount and the ending is much bleaker then you expect.

3 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge #Day 5

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