5 Things You Missed During Lockdown

Dr Tanya over at Salted Caramel has set another 5 things Challenge, and today’s is rather topical.

Five Things I Missed During Lockdown

1. Going for a beer down the local.

Yes I could easily drink bottled beer at home, but drinking beer for me is a semi social endeavour. I mean I don’t necessarily always engage in chats while out but the option is there.

2. Going to the Cinema

There is something about seeing a movie on the big multiplex screen which isn’t really recaptured at home.

3. Being able to pop to the shops, just because I could.

Again I might no necessarily buy something and I could just buy stuff from Amazon, but online retailing doesn’t quite have the same vibe.

4. Jazz Club 90

I miss the live music scene and am using the club as my default reference point. I normally would be getting ready for the Upton Jazz Festival at the end of June by now.

5. Having friends around to visit and stay overnight.

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