30 Day Book Challenge Day #12

Welcome back to my 30 Day Book Challenge. It is Day and the prompt is A “Popular” book you hate.

Hmm, not sure I have actually read a huge number of perceived “Popular” books. Half of the apparently book crazes appear to be chick-lit of some variety of some variety, and the less said about a particular set of BDSM books the better… That meme is correct, if the titular character was a poor guy living in a manky bedsit instead of a millionaire business man it would be a case for Van der Valk.

In terms of Who fandom, I never really “got” the love for the novels by Paul Cornell, but that might well be because I was of a different, younger generation of fandom when his books started being published. I won’t say I hate them but it is clear I arrived to that party a bit too late.

I guess I will have to say Dracula, I found it quite dull and overly padded and the minimum appearances of the count failed to capture my imagination the way it apparently has so many others. I would say Dracula is one of the rare occasions that the film adaptions are better than the source material (Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror being a particularly good example).

4 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge Day #12

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