3TC: Night Shift

The martian sky was setting and Wilson sighed as the Sun disappeared from the sight of the Plexiglass Aerodome which enveloped the colony, despite being on station for 6 months now he still hadn’t got use to the idea of a Pink evening sky. He was only here due to a small error of judgment on his part: he should have ran left instead of right. How on Earth was he supposed to know he was going to collide with the Security Services?

The judge for the case had been quite lenient, as had the jury, no doubt helped by the emotional story cast by his defense attorney. He was given a choice of either a 9 month prison sentence and a £3000 credit fine, plus a criminal record for 19 months after release or Galactic-Community service. This was 18 months working off-world for the Network in whatever capacity he was suitable for, which fortunately for him was a broader field then most. He was at very least adaptable and a fast learner. The added advantage of working for the Network was that not only would he not have a criminal record, he would also have experience in various fields which would prove to be useful. Free bed and board was also an advantage, even if he did only receive a very basic payment package.  The nocturnal shift siren sounded and he made his way to his locker and checked the job list for the evening. Botanical maintenance was the order of the day. The work note indicated that Professor Quinn was going to be his supervisor, that pleased Wilson. He liked Quinn, he always had the air of a guy who just shuffled out of Titan’s salacious bars and realized that he didn’t have time to change for work.


Three Things Challenge: Cast, Pink, Sky

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