Five Things You Enjoyed During Lockdown

Another “Five Things” from Salted Caramel

Family Meals

This might sound a strange one, but the entire family sitting down together for a meal at set time has been nice. Working in the Pub trade has made this occurance something few and far between for me because I would have late finishes most days in the week.


This is quite a common one I have found, but less distractions has meant my reading levels have gone up. Perhaps not as much as some but over lockdown I have read three and a half full length novels, two novellas and dipped in and out of short story collections.

Delving into the Home Media Collection

Lockdown has mean I have also been going through my DVD and Blu-Ray collection which includes a vast number of classic films and TV series as well as modern stuff, a lot of which has been on the “too watch list”. For my UK readers if you are interested in vintage films and TV Shows check out Talking Pictures TV: Freeview 81, YouView 81, Virgin 445, Freesat 308, Sky328.

Weight Loss

While some people have understandbly put on weight, I have lost almost three stone due to more excercise and less unsavoury eating habits. Because the pubs are shut I have not been on my feet for anywhere near as long so I have had to make a more concentrated effort in excercising. Also no pubs means I haven’t been drinking, or perhaps more importantly having the accompanying bar snacks.

Guinea Pigs

Ok these are very new, but becoming a Guinea Pig daddy has been fun. Names are still in turmoil as Heather hasn’t quite decided, at the moment we keep drifting back to Timmy and Toby. So far I have not been peed or pooed on.

3 thoughts on “Five Things You Enjoyed During Lockdown

  1. I really like your 5 things and have reading viewing and family meals in common with you.
    You are lucky to have lost weight during the lockdown. Most people are gaining.
    Do share pictures of the guinea pigs when you can.


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