Opening Time

Well the much speculated reopening of the Pubs happens here in Blighty on the 4th July (read into that whatever you want) so your sentimental Sandman will be pulling pints once more, albeit on reduced hours at first as the new regulations settle in and we get a better idea on how trade is going to function. Being in a public facing job am I worried about patrons not following the guidelines? A little given that I am working in a trade where mingling is fairly normal and the application of alcohol is well known to enhance people’s sense of space and distance…. We’ll see how it goes, bound to be a few crinkles to iron out first I know but I am remaining cautiously optimistic about the scenario.

Under normal circumstances this weekend I would have been down by the riverside for the 35th Upton upon Severn Jazz Festival and merrily listening to a variety of Jazz bands of various styles while making witty and thoughtful commentary with my fellow festival goers when visiting the beer tent.* It is a shame because not only would there be the showcase of bands old and new to me, it was also an opportunity to catch up with festival friends from both the audience and the bandstand not to mention putting money into the purse of Upton, which after the flooding at the start of the year was no doubt much needed. Hopefully next year the festival will be back with a bang and renewed energy…

So how went the week? Well I am still sober and booze free and am likely to remain so for a bit, despite the re-opening of pubs I am not going to shoot straight off for a much delayed pint of Mild, I am going to leave it a little bit and let the initial made rush to get bog-eyed pass before I venture out on a social mission, plus I can do a bit of research into what venues are doing what etc…
Heather and I went on a wild goose chase for some hardwood to build a box for the Guinea Pigs but got nowhere, it appears that many lumber places have staff who are incapable of answering the phones. When not failing to get wood we have been chilling and getting the Guinea Pigs use to us (who are now called Dook Laru and Toby), we have pretty much spent the weekend watching X-Men movies on TV. We are planning to get out a bit further but at the moment Heather is wanting to be near the piggies and I can understand that.

Bookwise, this week I read J Sheridan Le Fanu’s Vampire novella “Carmilla” which predates Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 12 years and in my humble opinion is a far better novel. The book concerns the titular Carmilla being invited to stay at stately home and befriending the Master of the house’s 18 year old daughter and a pseudo-romance develops. For reasons I cannot understand in the slightest, this novel has been adapted to the silverscreen on many occasions with varying degrees of adherence to the novel.

Not much else to report at the moment.

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