3TC: Byzantium

The first you will notice when you enter the Byzantium estate is the garden and your conduct upon it will determine how much more of the estate you are likely to see. Many years ago, the Earl of Storpington owned the estate and was beloved by many in the area, he was a generous and friendly man who was known to associate with  commonfolk and the gentry alike. His rampant popularity was to become his undoing, as what is often with gentry, he was cursed with a number of vices. He was an ardant gambler and a heavy drinker and it is said he was soon owing vast monies to a number of creditors, and it was upon the eve of the Earl’s fortieth birthday that he was approached by Sir Augustus Byzantium. The exact origins of Sir Augustus are unknown even to this day, his name does not appear in the order of peerage nor has a tangible birth certificate been found, it is widely believed that Sir Augustus was an assumed alias of a noble disgraced from his family. Sir Augustus offered a wager which the Earl could not refuse, he would pay off the creditors on the principle that he would have a majority ownership of the estate, permanent residency and to be able to use the grounds for what saw fit. The wager was that the Earl could solve a problem in Chess in a single move, to which he failed miserably. The Earl had lost his home but Sir Augustus gave him lodgings on the estate and the position of gardener, to which he attended for a further fifteen years. It was upon the eve of the Earl’s eldest daughter’s 21st birthday that Sir Augustus and the Earl were seen to be engaged in a ferocious argument, the subject of which has yet to be uncovered, both men’s last reported sighting was of them disappearing into the vast garden. Two months after their disappearance a new bed of flowers, those favoured by the daughter of the Earl, appeared in the shadow of the great house’s west wing. For every year onward, upon the eve of the Earl’s daughter’s birthday a new bed of flowers would appear, and this continues to this day.

The story is well known but the current administrators of the estate have capped all conversation or speculation upon their presence. To do so would result in your expulsion from the grounds and a local ban in the area. The questions remain unanswered, but it would not be long until a light would begin to shine on the whole mystery.

Three Things Challenge:


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