30 Day Film Challenge #Day 3

Welcome back to my 30 Day Film Challenge (courtesy of Cineworld cinemas). Today’s prompt is A film that made you laugh out loud.

Oh I could go on seemingly forever on this topic but I shall limit this to a selection… None of which I nominated for Rory’s ultimate comedy film list.

Watch Your Stern (1960)

Leslie Philips heads the cast of this comedic Navy based film which features a number of actors from the Carry On films including a bearded Sid James, but that is pretty where the similarities end. The film has more in common with the radio comedy series the Navy Lark with its incompetent but endearing ships company as they get themselves into hot water after they accidentally destroyed the blueprints for a top secret torpedo which is due to be sold to the Americans.

A Dog’s Life (1918)

A silent short from Charlie Chaplin in which he plays his popular character “the Tramp” who plays second fiddle to ‘Scraps’, a street dog which he adopts out of sympathy. Although originally released in 1918, it was later re-released with a new score and some minor re-edits as part of the 1959 anthology movie “The Chaplin Revue”.

Top Secret! (1984)

Val Kilmer debuts in an “Airplane” style parody of Cold War Spy movies and gung-ho World War 2 matinee films. The gags come thick and fast, often several at the same time and as stands up to repeated viewings.

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