One of the reasons I dropped out of doing theatre was because of the consequences following Murder in the Manor, which was the play in which I infamously did a full frontal nude scene.

Problem was a bit further down the line a second play cropped up in which a character was to be seen naked and I was offered the part but due to commitments wouldn’t be able to do the required rehearsals for a major part. Then there was another one which I did do, however this one was slightly different in that there were other people disrobing, and it was decided that for one scene I would have to the nude scene with an erection, which was done in a sort of closed set arrangement. Basically they set up part of the back stage with a live camera feed to the projection screen we would use for back drops and “location material”.

It soon became apparent that they were automatically assuming I would take a nude role and others dried up, so I left.

*for the curious none of the erection bit was recorded or photographed, and there was a bit of a debate if my coperformer was actually going to fake the moment or do it for real.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Assume

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