30 Day Film Challenge #Day 19

Welcome back to my 30 Film Challenge courtesy of Cineworld cinemas, today is day 19 and the prompt is a film set in the future.

Now this could be interesting, my initial thought was the Back to the Future trilogy which seems obvious because it has Future in the title… But it is kind of wrong, because it really should be back to present as the film is told from the perspective of Marty McFly and he goes back to 1950s, so it is not the future for him. Then you think hang on, part two is briefly set in the future, and then realise, well actually that the future in part two is now the past to us as contemporary viewers.

So that got me thinking about how many films could you safely say are set in the future? Blade Runner for example looks through its aesthetics as a dystopian future world, and indeed it was when released in 1982, but despite the fact it begin a future world, it is in fact set last year! The Star Wars saga looks like the future right? Well, the series is set in a galaxy far far away and along time ago, so Star Wars is in fact set in the past.

So are we talking a film set in the future from the point of view of me answering this prompt in 2020, or when the film was released? Come to that what is the criteria used for being in the future? Just purely by date because a film which unfolds over a lengthy period of time are likely to be partially set in the future if we accept the idea that starting in a contemporary moment. There’s more to this prompt then you might think, isn’t there? Or am I putting why too much thought into this?

Well my choice is going to be Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD

It has the date in the title for a start to clearly establish that it is set in the future even if it is a very 1960s future in terms of visuals, its nice to know that Sugar Puffs survive for the next 130 years.

The film is was made by the Aaru production company and is a feature film retelling of the Doctor Who story The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The film has numerous differences to the TV serial but the most obvious ones are the recasting and reinvention of the characters of the Doctor and Susan, and the introduction of two new leads. For the sack of the film the Doctor is an aged old inventor who is actually called Dr. Who and Susan is still his granddaughter, but they clearly aren’t Timelords. For the film, Barbara is replaced by new character called Louise who is Dr Who’s niece and Ian is replaced by a bumbling Policeman played by Bernard Cribbins.

It’s a fairly straightforward retelling of the TV serial only much shorter and with a different ending. It’s quite a fun little film even if a lot of the visuals have dated badly, (there’s no transport museum here to give a reason for the 1960s van being driven).

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