Fandango’s Provocative Question

Have you missed profession and/or college sports since the seasons were either cancelled or suspended in March? How do you feel about the timing of the return of sports, especially given the surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths, at least in the United States?

Well I am not an American so I refuse to answer on the USA front, but I am dubious about the return of Sports in the UK, we may not be able to go to the stadiums but it could still prompt people to gather at homes in large numbers. Apparently pubs aren’t allowed to televise sports but I am not sure if that is being inforced or if it is that you aren’t allowed to advertise screening it.

I haven’t really missed sport, Cricket season hadn’t started in March and that is the only sport I have any real interest other than Tennis, but the latter in a playing sense. Personally I think Cricket is the ideal sport for social distancing as you essentially are when playing anyway.

I do however think that it was way too early and pointless to bring back Horse Racing earlier, one that is a sport purely designed for extraction of money and is a big element of gambling, and being able to easily gamble at home sets a dangerous precident.

Snooker returned early but that is another perfect sport for social distancing and one which only really comes up trumps on TV, I can’t imagine how dull it must be to be in a Snooker audience.

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