Share Your World 27th July 2020

Are you a clean or messy person?

I am definitely a clean person but I wouldn’t equate messy with dirty, because I am certainly an untidy person in my personal spaces.

If I asked you to describe yourself in five words – what would they be?

I don’t like describing myself

Do you enjoy being out in nature

I do, I enjoy going out for walks up hills, walks on the beach and star gazing. Due to the lockdown I have discovered a bit of joy in maintaining the garden.

What could you spend all day talking about?

Oh I know everything about nothing, but so much about that.

I could witter endlessly on about Jazz, the various styles, musicians, albums, clubs etc…

Share Your World

Attitude of Gratitude:(OPTIONAL)

Please feel free to share some gratitude from your life!  Thanks! 

Well my continuing is that my family*, friends and myself are still Covid-free, though Heather’s mum thinks she might have had it early into lockdown.

*I include Heather and her Mum as being part of the family.

On a more light hearted note, my Sexton Blake library has a new edition in the form of Sexton Blake and the Great War, a collection of three stories written at the time selected by Mark Hodder. My grateful here in that the print is of a good and legible size, something which marred George Mann’s Sexton Blake: Detective.

5 thoughts on “Share Your World 27th July 2020

  1. Thanks Sandman for Sharing Your World! Neat versus clean and cluttered versus messy are more appropriate terms for how I meant that question. Zoiks! Foiled again (by the question writers! 😛 ) It sounds like you are quite the nature lover and be grateful for the energy and good health to enjoy walking about as you might (and might again, once the virus is tamed). A garden is certainly a good substitute in the meanwhile though. 🙂 You seem to be quite knowledgeable about books and film, as well as music! You’d hold your own in a conversation I suspect! 🙂

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