30 Day Film #Day 28

Welcome back to my 30 Film Challenge courtesy of Cineworld cinemas, today is Day 28 and the prompt is a film that changed your life

Ah I think this is an example of a prompt which falls badly on my heart of stone as I don’t think I have had a “life changing movie”, I have heard plenty of people talk about such an event though so it must be a think, well that or an overused cliché.

My first thought was a film which changed my perception of what a musical can be then realised I was thinking of a TV series and although there is a film version it really isn’t much cop, how exactly does one turn a story which is just about 7 hours long into a 100 minute film satisfactorily?

So I am going to go with a music themed which although it didn’t change my life, it did change my perception of Frank Sinatra as an actor:

The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) in which Frank Sinatra stars as Frankie Machine, a card dealer, Jazz Drummer and a recently Heroin addict just released from prison. Frank Sinatra gives a tour de force performance as he flirts with the characters attempts at a new start and lapses into his old habits.

6 thoughts on “30 Day Film #Day 28

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