FOWC: Between the Sets

The singer stepped down from the stage and was greated with a number of kind words from members of the audience.

“That was Betty Nightingale,” the band leader announced as he approached the microphone, “a truely remarkable young lady. She’ll be back in for the second set and we’d like to close this first with a tribute to the greatest drummer of all time… I’ll you to figure out how.”

“Ringo Starr,” a smart alec in the crowd called out.

The leader smiled and sat down at the engine room and stage whispered, “Medium paced rhythm like on the Birdland recording.”

Betty sat down at her vacant table and waited for the waiter to approach, to her surprise the waiter approaching already had a drink on the tray for her.

“English Country Garden,” the waiter said. “From a fan I guess,” with that he departed.

Betty smiled and looked around the club, no one appeared to be giving the thumbs up. Who sent it? No note either, a fan testimonial or suggestive comment.

“Miss Nightingale, I do hope that you enjoy the drink,” said a polite voice from behind her. She turned and saw an immaculately dressed middle aged man with a thin moustache standing there, “my I join you?”

“Please,” she said.

The man sat down and smiled, “I very much enjoyed that performance of yours, it reminded me of my youth when I was the liason officer at Ronnie’s,” the man began. “Anyway, my name is Arthur Fransure and I am looking to do some recruiting. You have a very fine look and stage presence… “

“Mr Fransure, I am not interested in doing porn or glamour modelling, or anything else…”

“That is very commendable, but that isn’t my job.”

“Oh yes, your a policeman.”

“Not anymore… I am… Well I guess I am a sort of civil servant now.”

“Ah, well these things happen.”

Arthur smiled, this could well be the start of a very simpatico partnership. “I wonder if you could help me out, for a fee obviously. It is about the murder the other day.”

“Arthur, I don’t think I can help. I only started my stint her today.”

“Oh I am after bar chat, asides. You can learn a lot from the general chit chat in a bar. It could also help prevent another murder… Or worse.”

Betty paused, “ok, extra cash always is good.”

“Excellent,” said Arthur as raised to his feet. “I will of course be popping in over the week but if you hear anything dramatic, call me on this number.” He produced a business card from his pocket and tucked it into her exposed cleavage before disappearing into the body of the bar.

“What was that?” asked the familar voice of her driver and roadie Mary.

Betty paused, “just some guy trying his luck with me.”

“What it is to have beauty,” smiled Mary.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Simpatico

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