30 Day Film Challenge: Supplemental

I thought I would do a coda to my film challenge and add a couple which didn’t make the grade.

Day 16: A film with a number in the title. My other choice was the 1957 Hammer Film Quatermass 2. The reasons I didn’t go with this are two fold. 1. The film is an adaption of the BBC six part serial Quatermass II and in the TV serial the number is a little more justified as it is the name of the new experimental rocket Quatermass is working on, something not translated to the big screen. 2. In the USA and possibly other territories the film was titled Enemy from Space

Day 19: A Film set in the future.

My initial choice for this fell on two accounts: It isn’t actually a film, and technically it isn’t set in the future anymore and has been for 36 years. This was the 1954 Kneale/Cartier production of George Orwell’s 1984. This was broadcast live by BBC Television and features Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasance, Andre Morell and many other faces which would become familiar faces to British audiences over the next ten years. It is a miracle that the production (and the live repeat) still survives to this day. Granted the picture quality isn’t great but it is watchable, even on a laptop. Currently there is no commercial release but those with Amazon Prime are lucky enough to be able to stream it for free.

Day 24: A film by your favourite director. I deliberately chose a less well known silent movie from Hitchcock for that post. My other choice was an overlooked British Hitchcock film called Young and Innocent, which was an early example of Hitchcock’s wrong man thrillers. Personally I think it is a more polished production than The 39 Steps but has less iconic moments to it.

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