FOWC: The Juggernaut

Dr Webster hung back into the crowd a little trying to keep the mark in sight, he did not like using his friend as a Judas goat but he knew it was probably the best way, besides it wasn’t like he didn’t have experience. ‘Friend’, Dr Webster pondered, when did he start considering Arthur a friend? He really wasn’t sure when, or why.

The Briefing

Arthur had booked an appointment at the surgery under a nom-de-plume, and not even a good one, in order to get direct talk with Dr Webster in private.

“It’s a very delicate matter Dr. Webster,” he said, “my health is taking a turn for the worse.”

“All that brandy, beer and fine dining finally giving you Gout?” asked Dr Webster with a wry smile.

“Sorry to disappoint you,” replied Arthur, “someone has put a contract out on me.”

“Any idea who, the list of people who want you dead is probably longer than Moby Dick..”

“…and that is just from my social life. No idea, but the best way to find out is to have them try and capture the assassin.”

“Any clues on that one?”

Arthur eyes sparkled, “George Holden, aka Tony Jackson aka, well a dozen other names but most commonly known as the Juggernaut.”

Dr Webster was non-plussed, “do you know what he looks like?”

Arthur shock his head, “the Juggernaut is incredibly camera shy, but I do know that he has some habits. He always stays in medium priced hotels which served Hobsons Beer, has a penchant for Brown Rice Milk, and has an incredibly sweet tooth.”

“Any ideas why they call him the Juggernaut?”

Back at the Hotel

Arthur was idling about waiting for the lift, making himself a too obvious target in public, Dr Webster scanned the room everyone seemed normal, there were a couple of farm hands sitting at a table eyeing up the women, an enormous man who looked like the love child of George Melly and Fats Waller who was proceeding to the piano in the lobby, a very small and thin man who looked like a shrunken Peter Lorre, a cheerful looking red head who had been waiting at the lift but had decided to take the stairs. Finally the lift dinged and the attendant beckoned in the patrons. He looked comical, his uniform was way too tight for his body. He was built like a professional wrestler… Wrestler? Dr Webster stood up fast, “the Juggernaut” sounded like the name of a wrestler. The lift doors closed long before Dr Webster got there, he checked the indicator which said the 4th floor and darted up the stairs.

The Fourth Floor

Dr Webster lent on the wall and took in a long breath, “I am so unfit.” he said outloud for no reason. He looked at the lift, the indicator showed it was on the sixth floor. For a moment he contemplated the stairs again but decided to try the subtle approach. He rang for the lift and waited, the door chimed and the enormous lift attendant stepped out, allowing three passengers to disembark. “I’m waiting for someone,” Dr Webster said.

Arthur’s favourite number was 17, so it was a good chance that he would have booked room 417, so he made his way to the number and tried the door. To his surprise it opened and he walked in, did Arthur have a death wish? He cautiously crept around the room, it all seemed ok.

“oh hello,” said a soft female voice.”Are you housekeeping?… No your not are you. ” He turned around, it was the red head who was fed up waiting for the lift.

“Apologies, I was meeting a friend and must have got the wrong room. This is 317 right?”

“417, your a floor too high.” She said sweetly, “you have had a good look now, so get out!”

Dr Webster left and walked down the corridor, silly of him. As walked down the corridor room service came by, on the trolly was a brace of Town Crier bottles and a fancy beer glass. He did a double take, Town Crier? That was a Hobsons beer! He casually followed the service, it arrived at room 417. He was admitted and a few minutes later emerged sans bottles. Dr Webster took a deep breath and tried the door, it was still unlocked. He marched in and saw the shadow of the girl pouring the beer. “I was in the right room after all,” he stated. “So why do you call yourself the Juggernaut?”

“It’s a pun, People expect a man but really it should be plural, the Juggernauts.” She said emerging around the corner, “as you can see.”

“Where is he?” Doctor Webster said after a stumbled reaction.

“Like all the dirty laundry, on his to the basement with room service.” She produced a small gun from her pocket, “I wouldn’t try and go after him, my delaying tactic has bought enough time.” She smiled, “besides I wouldn’t want to ruin my employers plans.”

“So, he is alive.”

“For now,” the Juggernaut gestured with gun for Dr Webster to sit on the bed. “I am too much of a lady to shoot you in the leg unless provoked.”

“Who are your employers?”asked Dr Webster.

“That would be telling, besides my job isn’t complete yet. Take your trousers off…”

Dr Webster shook his head.

“Do it yourself or I’ll do it for you…”

Dr Webster sighed and dropped his trousers. “Throw them over here.” He complied. Still focusing the gun on him she picked up the trousers opened the window and chucked them out.

“You won’t be going far without your trousers. Now we wait until I get ny next order.”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Juggernaut

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