FowC: Room Service

Dr Webster sat silently and tried to look around his surroundings, he had seen enough bedroom farces to invent a cover story for his missing trousers, his captor on the other hand was definitely a complicated problem.

“Why greet me in that way?” he asked as she slipped her top back on.

“To throw you off your guard,” the Juggernaut replied, “you would have been expecting me to do something…” She said matter of factly. “What tipped you off by the way?”

Dr Webster smiled, “I saw the contents of the room service tray, and put two and two together.”

“That was careless of me wasn’t it,” she tutted. “It was almost as if I had intended it.”

“Well you have scuppered yourself haven’t you? I know who you are know what you look like…”

“Oh I can assure you that I will have developments on that front,” she stated coldly. “I have had instructions and I am following them. My employer has been very… Specific in their details.”

Dr Webster knew he could rush her, she’d fire that gun of hers too quickly..

“I know what you are thinking, and I have a license for this gun and look at me, a sweet young lady. Then look at you, a middle aged man with no trousers on…”

Dr Webster raised his eyebrow, she had a point. “So how long are you planning to keep me here?”

“Until my employees tell me otherwise,” she answered. “I don’t like it anymore than you do.”

“I suspect I am happier for them to delay everything then you are,” Dr Webster smiled.

The Juggernaut lent in closely to the doctor, “that depends what I do with you. I could, if I chose break your hand a bone at a time…” she clasped his hand tightly in illustration. Her demeanour changed, it became more teasing, “or just because I am a captor and deadly assassin it does mean we can’t have fun.” She squeezed her top tightly to exaggerate her bosom and battered her eyelashes theatrically.

“You do realise… ,” said Webster softly. The Juggernaut smiled then noticed a flash of fire in his eyes, but it was too late. There was a loud crash and pain erupted in her head making her dizzy and she fell light headed to the floor amid the fragments of a broken lamp. The last thing she heard before losing consciousness was “… that I have two hands.”

Dr Webster shook his head and murmured sorry under his breath. A poppy bruise was beginning to form on the young lady’s head and there a small cut bleeding. He cleared her air way and moved her into the recovery position; she might be an assassin but he wasn’t. Basement he thought, as he departed he spotted a complimentary bathroom hanging on the room door. Hopefully he would to Arthur before whatever was planned to happen, happend.

Continuing on from The Juggernaut

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