RDP: Detectives, Roald Dahl and the Rain

Today’s prompt word is Umbrella, and my immediate thought was of the old Umbrella Man song (featured above performed by Crazy Gang members Flanagan and Allen), which was featured in Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective starring Michael Gambon. This in turn made me think of his guest appearance in Tales of the Unexpected in which he plays a man in a love triangle. This episode features a good guest cast including Michael Sheard, John Carson, and Sir John Mills. John Mills is the titular character of the episode and plays a conman who manages to make money out of various schemes, but his principal MO is stealing Umbrellas from pubs and selling them to people without when it rains. It is due to this scheme that an affair is exposed and the woman in the middle realises she doesn’t love either of the two men. The episode is adapted from a short story by Roald Dahl and is called, “The Umbrella Man”. It is quite a lighthearted story and rather bizarrely when repeated it tends to be paired with a story called “The Fly Paper” which is very much the opposite.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Umbrella

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