30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day9

Welcome back to my 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 9: A character who doesn’t enough love.

Time for controversy, the character I have chosen is the unfairly maligned companion Adric, played by Matthew Waterhouse.

Yes it is true that 18 year old Matthew was a bit of an arrogant so and so, but I would wager that he probably wasn’t that different from how any new to acting 18 year old would be having landed a lead role in a long running series in a short amount of time.

The “boy genius” trope never really works out but I rather like that the character is a bit of an entitled git who thinks he better than everyone else, he’s sort of like an alien Sheldon Cooper.

Certainly the character doesn’t work quite so well with the effete Fifth Doctor, but he certainly fits in alongside the Fourth Doctor.

Matthew may not have been the best actor but he is no means as terrible as he is made out to be.

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