30 Day Album Challenge Day 13

Welcome back to my 30 Album Challenge

Day 13: An Album with Great Lyrics

This one could cover a wide number of the albums in my collection as I have a number of the Ella Fitzgerald sings the Great American Song albums (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin etc), and other artists doing something similar but I am going to go for something a bit more modern.

Sin and Soul… And then Some by Singer and Composer Oscar Brown Jr, which has him add lyrics to (then) modern Jazz standards like “Work Song”, “Watermelon Man” and “Dat Dere” alongside more original work which is often cynical but humourous with with songs such as “But I Was Cool” mocking the actions of a guy reacting as his relationship breaks down or the fast paced rhythmic a capella “Bid ’em in” which mixes in themes if slavery in the delivery of a farmer’s market auction.

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