5 Things: Favourite Burgers

Ah the topic for today’s 5 things falls directly into my lap, alongside a bit of lettuce and tomato excessively coated in mayonnaise, favourite burgers. Being a typical bloke, when out dining I often go for a burger on the menu, often because they are reliable in quality and usually reasonably priced.

1. Simple Chicken Burger preferably with a bread coating on the breast to give it a bit of crunch and a small hint of cajun spice.

2. The Bombay Big Bird this is part of the Menu at Greene King’s Hungry Horse pubs. It is a beef pattie with breaded Chicken Fingers, chilli pepoers and curry sauce. I usually have it served with spring onion and chilli topped fries.

3. The Black Pudding and Chorizo Burger. This is a favourite burger of mine served at the Swan in Ironbridge, and has a nice beef pattie topped with some black pudding and chorizo covered in blue cheese sauce. This is quite a substantial affair and despite myself I always upgrade the chips to “dirty fries”, topped with cheese, pulled pork, Jalapeños and Barbecue sauce.

4. The Mighty Served at Gourmet Burger Kitchen this is the high quality version of a Big Mac, only with tender beef cooked to your preference and cheese and bacon which actually taste like cheese and bacon and added Garlic Mayo to boot.

5. Ice Cream Burger This was a one off dessert I encountered which had a sponge cake bun, with strawberry sauce acting as ketchup and a meringue coated bit of ice cream acting as a bun. Nice but rather sickly.

In response to Tanya’s 5 Things

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