30 Day Album Challenge #Day 21

Welcome back to my 30 Album Challenge

Day 21: A Favourite Soundtrack Album.

Now I answered a similar question in my 30 Day Film Challenge earlier in the year with Duke Ellington’s soundtrack to the movie “Anatomy of a Murder”, so I won’t be selecting that again.

My choice is going to be the soundtrack to the movie Bird, directed by Clint Eastwood. This is a bio-pic of bebop saxophonist Charlie Parker and it charts his life as an innovater in Jazz and his demise due to the rigors of Heroin addition. The sound track album is a curio because all of Charlie Parker’s play is by Charlie Parker and lifted from previous records and mixed into a new ensemble. The reasons for this came during production, Forest Whitaker plays Charlie but he is no musician so he had to be dubbed. Initial ideas including getting Phil Woods to “play Bird” but it was decided that Bird should play Bird. Is it successful, umm kind of… It is certainly a curio but it suffers from having being built around the pre-existing elements, on the plus side it means Charlie Parker finally is heard alongside a full sized string orchestra.

“Laura” on the Soundtrack

Charlie Parker’s original recording of “Laura”

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