30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day 21

Welcome back to my 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge, or welcome forward if you have just arrived in the TARDIS

Day 21: Your favourite Doctor Who OTP

Ok, my first query is “what is an OTP?” Do I have to take antibiotics for it?

Apparently it means One True Pairing, now how does this relate to Who?

I am going to say there are two that fall into this category and they are both behind the scenes teams.

Barry Letts (Producer) and Terrance Dicks (Script Editor)

Left: Barry Letts, Right: Terrance Dicks

and Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer) and Robert Holmes (Script Editor/Writer)


Both really gelled with one another and bought Doctor Who to new levels of success and popularity, but both teams produced very different eras of Who. The former were in charge with Pertwee and this had a more ITC, sometimes political, overtone to it, whereas the latter were there for Tom Baker’s first theee seasons and went for a more gothic and harder sci-fi approach.

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