Share Your World 21st September 2020

What ingredients go into YOUR favorite salad?

Lettuce, Onion, Beetroot, Cucumber, Tomato, Radish, grated Carrot, Celery, Peppers, Mushrooms; and if eating as a meal add Prawns and Salmon or Tuna

If you care to, share something that really irritates you.

People who move your stuff around without telling you or having the deceny to ask if you had put it somewhere for a particular reason, or indeed if that is where the item belongs.

What are your favorite ‘lounging around the house’ items of clothing?  Now that a lot of people ‘lounge around the house’ waiting for the all clear in respect to Covid being shown the door, have those lounging items changed?

Just my regular clothes, if a morning I might linger around in my Jammies and Dressing gone for a while.

Share Your World

2 thoughts on “Share Your World 21st September 2020

  1. Thanks Sandman for Sharing Your World! That salad (sans onions) sounds perfect…just the sort that I like best too. Do you have a favorite dressing? I usually grate some cheese and eat mine ‘plain’ or maybe a small scoop of cottage cheese or a dab of Miracle Whip does me fine. Better for the diabetes too!

    I agree with the moving of things one has put somewhere for a reason! They COULD ask first at least, right? Have a splendid week!

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