30 Day Album Challenge #Day 23

Welcome back to my 30 Album Challenge

Day 23: An Album Everyone Should Own

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra: The Famous 1938 Carnegie Concert

A recording of historical significance, this was the first Jazz concert at the esteemed venue and at the time the band didn’t know it was being recorded. The existence of the recordings is worthy of an article itself but due to the work of three recording companies the concert is available for us to listen to now.

Multiple versions of the concert have been released but I strongly suggest the 1998 CD issue on Columbia because it has the complete concert with unedited tracks and some recorded spoken introductions by Benny Goodman himself which offer insight into the concert and the music itself.

Famously, the band were nervous and getting a luck warm response so the band’s Drummer Gene Krupa went into overdrive on the opening number to get the band going.

This is a favourite number of Goodman’s which in period slang was deemed a killer-diller

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