30 Day Album Challenge #Day24

Welcome back to my 30 Album Challenge, we are on the last leg now

Day 24: A Sunday morning album.

Ok, what exactly is a Sunday morning album? This sounds like it ought to be a cryptic question set by the Celestial Toymaker and you only have one shot at it and if you fail you spend eternity as one of dolls.

Is this supposed to mean a chilled out album? That could apply to the previous prompt of a Summer album, so does it mean something else.

Some might argue that this is a Sunday morning album for obvious reasons:

I am tempted to go Motorcity Roots by the Jazz Jamaica All-Stars which has Jazz reinterpretations of Motown hits purely because it has a cover of Easy on it. Unfortunately, despite the presence of the then emerging Jazz the album fails to live up to its potential. Indeed three of the tracks have been covered much better previously, two of them both by Rashaan Roland Kirk.

So a Sunday Morning album, well I am going to be incredibly British here and go with Jazz on the Corner, a recently released compilation of Jazz Records selected by Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit, Black Panther) and Eddie Piller (DJ, Radio Host and founder of Acid Jazz Records). Now you might ask why this one? Well in the UK on Sunday at 11am on BBC Radio 4 a long running radio show called Desert Island Discs is broadcast, this is a show where a well known person talks about their life and career, and brings in a personally selected series of records to populate the programme. This CD to me echoes that idea and that is why I say it is a perfect fit for a Sunday Morning album.

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