30 Day Album Challenge #Day 27

Welcome back to my 30 Day Album Challenge

Day 27: An Album from My Childhood

Crikey, I am not sure that I can really recall an album from my Childhood as such but I do remember having this record.

I remember a few of the songs on itsuch as the Sun has Got His Hat, Two Little Boys, The Court of King Caractacus, Puff the Magic Dragon, Unicorn, and the Runaway Train, so seeing the listing I was surprised about the other songs. I had heard the Laughing Policeman and Two Little Boys but was convinced that they were on a different record… Possibly they were as well. Looking at it now, there are two, possibly three songs which would not be put on: Two Little Boys and the Court of King Caractacus because they are both by Rolf Harris… Also possibly “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” depending on the recording because there is a rather awkward lyric which wouldn’t float today

Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul and Mary)

The Runaway Train (Jon Pertwee)

The Laughing Policeman (Charles Penrose)

The Sun Has Got His Hat On (Ambrose and his Orchestra) NB this might not be the version on record, note the lyric in the second stanza

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