30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day 27

Welcome back to my 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 27: An episode you wish hadn’t been made.

Well I am not that vindictive, however I would be willing have Time-Flight wiped for the return of The Myth Makers.

Time-Flight for those not in the know is the final story of season 19, Peter Davison’s first season, and involves the disappearance of a Concorde. It transpires that it has bought back in time by a mysterious Wizard called Kalid, playing by Leon Ny Tay who sounds suspiciously like Anthony Ainley who plays the Master.

The Myth Makers is a 1965 which is currently missing from the archives and has the TARDIS arrive outside the walled city of Troy and the Doctor is mistaken by Achilles to be an incarnation of Zeus. As you might have guessed this is based on the legend of the Trojan Horse, and it is a story which starts off as a comedy and ends as a tragedy.

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