30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day 28

Welcome to my 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 28: Which Doctor Had the Best Outfit.

Ah saving the harder questions for last, this isn’t as easy as it seems because most of the Doctor’s have costumes which match their characters.

Tom Baker (The Fourth Doctor) certainly had the most iconic outfit, and a long scarf was once called a Doctor Who scarf.

The Doctor’s in the 80s to me had outfits which were too obviously costumes, especially the Sixth Doctor, luckily this was trend that was broken when Russell T Davies bought the show back. I was initially sceptical on the look for Matt Smith’s Doctor (Tweed and Bow Tie) as I thought it looked too forced but it reflected his take on the character well. I preferred the second outfit which he acquired in the Xmas episode “The Snowmen”.

However my overall favourites are Peter Capaldi’s and Patrick Troughton’s.

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