30 Day Album Challenge #Day 30

Welcome to the final day of my 30 Day Album challenge

Day 30: An Album with a Killer Final Track

Oh I am going to enjoy a bit of wordplay here as my choice is the 1985 Miles Davis album “You’re Under Arrest”. The album cover depicts Miles dressed as a Police Officer with his baton raised in a threatening manner and this fits in with the album’s theme of unfair scrutiny of the black people by the police force, bought upon from years of personal mistreatment such as the infamous beating he took while outside a Jazz Club he was performing in, to continual harassment over driving a Ferrari in later life, plus a multitude of incidents facing black Americans- depressing to know little has changed since then.

The final track is a medley of Jean Pierre, You’re Under Arrest and Then There Was None, which culminates in a nuclear explosion fading into virtual silence except for a clock ticking… then a distant voice saying “Ron, I think you were supposed to press the other button.”

Obviously the track is alluding to the MAD policy and Reagan’s Star Wars Nuclear deterrent, and Miles is making no doubt on his opinion on the matter.

This was Miles’ last studio album made for Columbia, though not the final one released which was the long delayed album entitled “Aura” and Columbia’s dragging their heels on releasing it was what lead to Miles leaving the label after 30 years.

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