Fibbing Friday.. A bit late UK time

Frank is hosting Fibbing Friday and unsurprisingly this week it is Halloween themed What is a poltergeist? A hybrid bird of Chicken and Goose. What supposedly happens if you look in the mirror and say, “Bloody Mary” three times? The bar man taps you on the shoulder and says "go home your drunk" What’s so … Continue reading Fibbing Friday.. A bit late UK time


These are four of my latest book purchases, these have been published by the British Library as part of their Crime Classics and Tales of the Weird series. The London Fog book I am particularly looking forward to as it ticks a lot of my boxes. The fifth book is "The Mobster's Lament" by Ray … Continue reading Bookclub

The Road

After a few days of not posting anything for no reason in particular, I'm back. Those of you who can should head over to the BBC Sounds app and jump to Radio 4 Extra and catch up Toby Hadoke's radio adaption of Nigel Kneale's lost television play "The Road". This is the story of village … Continue reading The Road