RDP: Fantasy World Dizzy

One of my favourite computer games when growing up was a platform puzzle game called Fantasy World Dizzy, which I played on my Commodore 64. This was the first Dizzy game that I brought and although the fourth game in the series, it was listed aa Dizzy 3. This is because one of the previous games was a Pacman style arcade game as opposed to a puzzle platformer.

The game used various images from fairytales and folklore with Castles in the Clouds, giant beanstalks, palace dungeons. Dragons and trolls.

The puzzles tended to be fairly simplistic from an older perspective but tricky enough for a child to think about but not as much to put you off.

One of favourite things was one of the items that you could pick up was a hole. Then you would get a caption OH NO! YOU HAVE A BIG HOLE IN YOUR BAG AND EVERYTHING HAS FALLEN OUT”.

The game’s plot revolves around Dizzy and his girlfriend Daisy. Daisy is taken by the King Troll while walking through a forest with Dizzy, and he has to chase after her. On his way Dizzy must also collect 30 coins. Some of them are hidden quite well.

Well hidden, it took me ages to find the final two, something that happened to me when I played Treasure Island Dizzy as well.

The game was remade for the NES in 1994 as Mystic Land Dizzy, with a few variations in the gameplay, but not released until 2017 on Kickstarter.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fantasy

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