The Road

After a few days of not posting anything for no reason in particular, I’m back.

Those of you who can should head over to the BBC Sounds app and jump to Radio 4 Extra and catch up Toby Hadoke’s radio adaption of Nigel Kneale’s lost television play “The Road”. This is the story of village in 1768 that has some odd goings on in a near by wood… The play has been kept as close to the original teleplay as possible but a few necessary changes have been made.

Talking of roads, its going to be a difficult few weeks at work because the bridge next to the pub is under essentially repairs meaning the road from Bridgnorth is closed… For 4 weeks.. There is an official diversion which sends people around the Ludlow routes which will make the visit a damn near 30 mile round trip. However the enterprising and resourceful young Mr Lewis has been sorting out shorter and more direct routes out, which do involve Country lanes, to make things easier and they have distributed on the pub’s Social media sites and in paper to the customers who have been in over the weekend

Tuesday night I caught up with my old gaffer Gareth and we had a few beers in the Pheasant in Wellington, they recommended you book there and we managed to get a table outside in the marquee. It wasn’t too cold and as the pub is owned by Rowton Brewery there is a guarante of a good selection of high quality beer. I flited between the Ironbridge Gold and the Stout both of which were very good as expected.

I recently bought a couple of albums: “One for the Road” by Curtis Stigers and the Danish Radio Big Band, and “Songs and Stories” by Callum Au and Claire Martin. The former is a homage to the famous “Sinatra at the Sands” album in both content and appearance and is a fun album, but I feel it would have been a much greater experience at the live show. The second is yet to be listened to but unusually for Claire Martin there are a number of traditional Jazz Standards on the album, a couple of which are associated with Chet Baker.

I’m off for a drink or two with young Mr Lewis this afternoon, it’ll probably rain.

Hope you are all keeping well.

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