RDP: Off to a… Start

Well this week looked like it was off to a good start as the weather held up for my afternoon drink with Young Mr Lewis, not doubt the catalyst here was the presence of Old Mr Lewis. But the road to beer was fraught with misfortune as it appears my working week is going to be hampered by not one, but two.. Two sets of intrusive roadworks. The bridge on the Ludlow road and now roadworks on the A442 to Bridgnorth, it takes me about 20 mins to get to the Down normally and about 15 to Bridgnorth. It took me an entire disc of Bitches Brew to get there yesterday and the majority of this was being stationary. I was tempted to park up at Severn Park and walk to high town which probably would have been the wiser idea. However for work purposes this means I will have to take an alternative route to get to the Ludlow road.

Our beer session was nice but short and we were discussing the various old train routes from and around Bridgnorth and Telford, I bet Frank’s ghost would be smiling on us if this discussion had been in the Railwayman’s Arms. As you can tell we have highly intellectual conversations while out, we also discussed the beer from the Sun Inn and the landlord’s fragrant presence.

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