Bang Bang a Boom

It is Bonfire Night here in Blighty so for the past week people have been having Firework parties and the dogs are absolutely loving it. As we settled into lockdown mark 2 redecorating is on the agenda, turning the office into a Library come-guest room complete with chair bed. As before I intend to keep on top of my excercise regime which might prove to be a little more difficult than last time because of restricted daylight hours, but… I have been exploring new and lengthier evening dog walks around the estate and surrouding areas. An advantage for me is that I have *finally* found the second dumbbell so that means I can weight lift with both arms now.

In a unusual move I have purchased a video game for the PS4 in the form of Red Dead Redemption, partially at the suggestion of Heather so we can spend some virtual time together, and partially because it looks a fun game. The graphics are amazing and it anuses me how far graphics and game design have come since playing Donkey Kong.

Monday night I watched the Danny Kaye film The Five Pennies which is loosely based on the life of Dixieland Cornet player Red Nichols and features Barbara Gel Geddes and a certain Mr Armstrong. I won’t comment on how accurate a representation of his life story but it is true Nichols had bands with Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey in the personel. I doubt the scenes of them regularly having drinks together is historically accurate but they are fun. The film doesn’t really draw on Danny Kaye’s comic skills but does illustrate his acting and vocal chops. Red Nichols himself dubs the cornet playing and there are plenty of musical numbers in the film, highly recommended for a lightwatch.

In other news it looks like I am getting a flare up of psoriasis with rashes appearing on various parts of my body and itching like crazy. I have changed my body wash and shampoo to a more dry skin friendly set up to see if that will make a difference, if not it’ll be a trip to the doctor’s and probably have a lovely steroid cream to apply. I guess lockdown is again showing a minor blessing in disguise… After all would you want to have your beer and food served by the Singing Detective???

So let’s go out with Danny Kaye and Satchmo in the Five Pennies:

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