A Foggy Day

n true Bonfire Night temperature has dropped and fog is once more occupying the air reducing visibility and freezing skin, not that this has stopped the continual bombardment of fireworks the minute dusk descends upon these Salopian skies. The past few evenings have been full of screaming rockets, bangs and a lot of very distressed dogs all over the estate, I guess people are compensating for the lack of public displays.

I went for a nice solo stroll around the Town Park this afternoon and it still amuses me that with the low-lying fog the trees look like something out of an old Hammer Horror movie, perhaps I should dress up as Christopher Lee and leap out of the trees and yell “Boo!” at unsuspecting dog walkers… I mean I do have a cloak.

I am currently reading “The Progress of a Crime” by Julian Symons, sub-titled ‘a fireworks night mystery’ it is about the fatal stabbing of local dignitary at a small town’s annual Bonfire Party, with the prime suspects being a group of Teddy Boys witnessed causing trouble at the Bonfire, seemingly the same group also were ejected from a local dance a week prior. Loosely based on a true story in which the accused was imprisoned but a flawed investigation suspected I imagine that is the path in which the novel will roll, it is also an interesting depiction of small towns on the suburbs as the 1950s gave way to the 1960s.

Recently I purchased a sample box of Pork Crackling from the Snaffling Pig Company which I have been referring to as “a selection box Piss-Heads” and it contains flavoured Pork Crackling including Barbecue, Maple Syrup, Coleman’s English Mustard and Chilli Pepper, plus some plain. These have been mixed in terms of success but it lead me to start experimenting on my own accord, something a little more tricky to do considering that the pubs are shut. However Sainsbury’s (other Supermarket chains are available) and the local do stock plain scratchings so I will be playing around with the spices in the kitchen cupboard. Last night I used the chilli powder and I think I was a little bit over zealous with the distribution of the powder over the contents of the packet as the final result was quite prominent but luckily did not result in the “Johhny Cash Effect” in the morning, my next experiment is going to be with Cajun Spice… I shall let you know how that works out.

I have the latest album by Gregory Porter on the jukebox (or should that be Duke-Box?), “All Rise”, and while it is competently made and performed I can’t say it is one which is going to be high on the relisten list. While the album has moved away from the ballads with strings approach of the previous albums it has has veered a bit too near the Smooth Jazz idiom for me and has a more Gospel feel about it, on the plus side there is more variety in the material so at least it does have texture to keep the listener interested.

Hope you are all well.

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