The Man in the Wooly Mask

Another week in lockdown 2.0 has gone and it has been a fairly easy week, I have been catching up with Jazz Record Requests, Clare Teal’s Swing Show and The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum thanks to the BBC Sounds App. I have been downloading the various shows and listening to them while either taking the dogs out for a walk or for my daily stroll for exercise and they certainly encourage me to extend my exercise periods. When not listening to the Radio I have been catching up with some of the albums I have bought recently, starting with Callum Au and Claire Martin’s album “Songs and Stories” which features a number of well known Jazz Standards and a few oddities presented in a mix of swinging and laid back arrangements; I also listened to “Heaven and Earth” by Saxophonist Kamasi Washington which was a very different sort of album, call it Coltrane meets Sun Ra if you want it summed up very briefly.

Here is “Street Fighter Mas” by Kamasi Washington from “Heaven and Earth”:

It has been a very good week in Blighty for your Jazzer because there have been a number of shows on the TV and Radio to tie-in with the EFG London Jazz festival, which has been streaming all week, on BBC 4 there was a very interesting and at times moving Documentary on Ronnie Scott’s; a documentary film which went into some details of the man himself- an element which often tends to get overlooked and it was interesting and at times quite tragic. When people talk of Ronnie Scott they often talk about his dry humour when introducing the acts and his playing and seldom about his life, partially because he was rather private and partially I think to maintain a certain image. There have also been repeats of some of Jazz Gold shows showcasing various aspects of the genre and a concert of Ella at Ronnie’s. Two of the most remarkable things though are the new edition of Jazz 625 and the BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year award which are giving emphasis to the current and potential future jazz scene. On the radio we have had a night on Jazz Through the Night on BBC Radio 3 and a five part memoir by former host of Jazz Record Requests Geoffrey Smith on Jazz and it’s relationship with the British.

Here Ronnie Scott playing “Nica’s Dream”:

I was planning on going for a hill walk with young Mr Lewis during the week but the young man had managed to injure himself so that has been postponed, so instead I went for a nice stroll with Heather around Wenlock Edge and then, because she is in my social bubble we went back to mine and had a game of Wii Golf on her Wii Fit… Now I have never played on the Nintendo Wii before so I wasn’t used to the controller at all, and despite this I still managed to whup her ass at Wii Golf! She however returned the favour by giving me a thorough thrashing at Wii Boxing and managed to pull her shoulder muscle in the process, I think I beginning to understand how Leonard always ends at A&E with Video Game Related issues in The Big Bang Theory.

I am just about half way through Bob Baker’s autobiography “K9 Stole My Trousers” and I will say it was hard going at first due to some odd prose stylings, mostly his habit of telling you about a story in a chapter and then in the next one back tracking to earlier on and bringing you to the same point in his life via another route. It appears to be a bit more linear now it is up to his proliferation as a screenwriter in the 70s and along the way there have been several laugh out loud anecdotes along the way. On the whole though, so far it won’t be high on my list of recommended reads, what will I be reading next? I haven’t decided yet but since my last two fictional reads, “Double Indemnity” and “The Progress of a Crime” were both crime stories I think I will probably switch genre.

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