Fibbing Friday

  1. Why is it traditional to eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? (In the US, at least.) Because originally McDonalds wasn’t allowed to open on public holidays
  2. What is “Festivus”? The main villain in Ridley Scott’s film “Gladiator”
  3. Why does Hanukka (or Chanuka, if you prefer) last for eight days? Because us Jews like to get the most out of everything
  4. Why does Kwanzaa last seven days? Because it is a day for each letter of the word
  5. According to the song, there are twelve days of Christmas, so why do most people only observe Christmas for one day? If you ever met my extended family you would know why
  6. Why does Canada have Thanksgiving in October? purely to piss off the Yanks by getting in first.
  7. What is Childermas? A version of Cinderella written by Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter
  8. In the US, why is the Friday after Thanksgiving known as “Black Friday”? because people got blackout drunk on Thanksgiving and woke up on Saturday
  9. What is “Boxing Day”? A day in the year when it is a legal requirement to punch a moron in the bollocks
  10. What is “Saturnalia”? a dyslexic performance of Holst’s Planet’s Suite

This was a Thanksgiving themed Fibbing Friday

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