The Edge of Distraction

Lockdown 2.0 is nearing its conclusion and from Wednesday we will be entering a tighter version of the Covid Tier system because it clearly worked so well last time.

Thursday, young Mr Lewis Lewis and I went for a nice walk around Wenlock Edge which turned out to be far muddier then either of use expected. Lewis bought snacks and I bought liquid refreshment of the variety that wouldn’t make us look like a couple of Jakeys, my plan was to nip to Tesco in Madeley to pick up some fizzy pop or fruit juice but I was behind schedule and quickly nipped to the local petrol station and bought a casr of bottled water. My rush was unfounded because up arrival at our rendezvous I received a message from Lewis that he was running about 15 minutes late because town was busy, so I could have stopped off after all. Amusingly Lewis must have decided to grow a beard (judging by the growth) around the same time I decided to shave mine off. The walk was very pleasant with some nice views and we timed it well and caught the sunny weather and returned to our respective vehicles just as the grey clouds were forming.

Friday Morning I got around to watching the final of the BBC Jazz Musician of the year award and had a pleasant time watching each of the five finalists, they were all very good (obviously) and the winner had a well deserved victory. The winner, Deschanel Gordon, is a very talented Pianist with influences from Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett and proved to be a very goid composer as well as interpreter of standards.

Saturday I watched the “Arsenal Stadium Mystery” which I recorded last week on Talking Pictures TV, it was a fairly good film but I shall lay off talking about it until I have read the book and give a fuller analysis.

I finished Bob Baker’s Autobiography and must admit I did find it a little dull and my attention wandered, particularly when he wasn’t talking about his various writing projects and reminiscing about sailing trips with the chef Keith Floyd. However if Sailing is a particular hobby horse of yours you may well get more out of it than I did. My next read is Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep which is a sequel to The Shining and focuses on the grown up Danny Torrance and the lingering effects of his childhood trauma at the Overlook Hotel (and from his alcoholic father). After that it will be an onslaught of Festive Fiction.

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