Weekend Quickie

https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/11/28/fancy-a-weekend-quickie/I say, that Rory fellow is a bit of a xad isn’t he? Diiiing-dong.

Are you ready …. interpretation completely down to you …. but are you?

Oh I like an Easy Bake Cheesecake, always ready.

If you were to star in a raunchy movie what ‘part’ would you be playing?

I assume you mean raunchy as in that a Carry On film is raunchy… In my mind I would be Sid James but in reality I’d probably be Frankie Howard.

In your eyes, what do you consider to be a deep thinking question?

Asking how much cable is needed for a diving bell

When was the last time you used a juicer?

No idea, not even sure I have

How lost would you be if suddenly all makes of intelligent mobile devices ‘ were banned and replaced with regular mobile phones?

Well I broke a phone a early this year and talked to the family. Apparently my sister no longer works at Woolworths.

Probably fairly ok, I would just end up reading more.

When was the last time that you were completely and utterly dehydrated and what caused it?

Never have been, I always keep hydrated

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