25 Day Christmas Challenge Day1

Welcome to my 25 Day Christmas Challenge, a bit of seasonal fun to brighten up the doom and gloom that is the tale end of 2020.

If you wish to talk part simply download the image above, create your own post for appropriate prompt and link back to this one with a pingback. The prompts are open enough for interpretation, so the ball is in your court.

Prompt 1: Your View Today:

This could be interpreted as a view in the visual sense but this could also be read one a more philosophical level, for the prompt I have opted for the former

Well this is a view of the opposite street on evening Dog Walks, someone got into the festive spirit a fortnight ago.

For the visually impared the image depicts an inflatable snowman situated in the front garden of a terraced house. There is a string of fairylights around a piller of the houses porch.

8 thoughts on “25 Day Christmas Challenge Day1

  1. I decided to do my own challenge on Twitter – daily prompts and short answers. Feel free to check it out @SamGoldieKirk
    I cannot commit to full posts, but I thought I’d share my view in the comment section.
    Today, the branches were dancing with the breeze when I woke up. You could see the cold in the air. The sun shined through, giving everything a magical twinkle.

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