Share Your World 30th November 2020

What would you enjoy if you could do so without someone getting annoyed with you for enjoying it?  It MUST be something you aren’t supposed to enjoy because it is “bad for you”.

Well this is partially out of date for a couple of reasons, the major one being Heather is not one for the green eyed monster, but it was casually hanging out with my best friend something I couldn’t do while with Mary-Moo or the Bully, because my best friend was female. The Bully was exceptionally shirty about her to the extent she was checking my call log on my phone. Mary-Moo seemed fine about her until we broke up, and decided that I was deliberately rubbing my friend in her face on the grounds that I once bought her to the pub I worked at and Mary happened to pop in while we having a drink. Around the corner. In private. I happened to be buying a second Pimms and Lemonade for my friend, and Mary decided to check up a few moments later.

Is it okay for men to wear the color pink?

Yes, it seems to be a minor trend now as I have seen a number of business men wearing pink shirts, though with men’s shirts they call it Salmon. It is worth knowing that until the early 20th century it was the tradition for baby boys to be wear pink, this was because Red was deemed the colour of men and pink was deemed to be the infant take on red.

Can you curl your tongue?

Only one curl, my sister can do multiple curls.

What, in your opinion, is the best room to put a fireplace?

The living room if it is principally a decorative piece, if intended as the central form of heating it should be somewhere central to the building.

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One thought on “Share Your World 30th November 2020

  1. Thanks Sandman for Sharing Your World! I never understood why women (or men conversely) get jealous if their significant other of the moment (or whatever the relationship) has a friend of the opposite gender. Most of my friends were men, it didn’t change the friendship status if they got married or had girlfriends (or children oddly enough) who got upset at me for ‘trying to steal their man”. I thought the jealous one was idiotic for being like that. Now a deliberate cheater (of which I have experience) is another matter. Can’t we all just get along?? LOL… Great answers!

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