25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 13

Welcome back to my 25 Day Christmas Challenge, a bit of end of year fluff for you to enjoy and if so desire, take part in.

Day 13: Family

The lurking presence of Mr Vid-19 has caused a bit of a headache for the plans for this year, but every cloud does have a silver lining (which must be a great concern for pilots). It means a stripped down back-to-basics approach for Christmas taking out the excess of previous years and a much tighter focus on the family and friends closest to you. So there will be less in the way of one-up-manship in office parties and less in the way of “who can throw the biggest Christmas Dinner party”, no this year will mostly be a quiet time of contemplation and looking forward to new horizons.

But remember never lose sight of the spirit of Christmas, 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Many have lost nearest dearest before their time and many many people are facing financial hardships, so if you can spare anything please be sure to make donations to your local foodbank or homeless shelter, or donate to support charities so that even families on the breadline can have something of a nice Christmas.

6 thoughts on “25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 13

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